In its broth of free jazz, old swing, doo-wop, electronics, Afrofuturist references, and stagecraft that could have been directed by Ed Wood, a Sun Ra Arkestra show is about as far away from a conventional performance as the late leader of the band believed his spiritual home was from Earth. Arkestra shows can be hit-and-miss, but they lock into the breathtaking grooves of a multi-limbed single mind – and they suggest a lived jazz history (puckish director/saxist Marshall Allen is 90) that audiences sense could never have been learned from a college course. The band rose spectacularly to the occasion as they celebrated the centenary of Sun Ra’s birth.


"Scientist Rids the World of the Evil Curse of the Vampires"
live w/ Kiko Bun + The Upper Cut Band

We are beyond excited to welcome legendary jamaican producer and dub innovator The Scientist, who was a student with the great King Tubby, to perform his 1981 dub masterpiece “Scientist Rids the World of the Evil Curse of the Vampires” with the London based eight piece The Upper Cut Band and vocalist Kiko Bun o at Week-End Fest 2019. This will be the ONLY GERMAN show for this project!


Tirzah the artist is an idea that’s hard to hold on to. The Essex-born performer has been at the centre of the vital post-grime and UK garage sound of London for the better half a decade but it’s only now that her work has come to full fruition. Devotion is years in the making, recorded mostly in the shared houses and makeshift studios of her South London crew of artists and friends, all while life – and love – happened in the meantime. The full-length album is written and produced with musician, composer and childhood friend, Micachu, and it’s a downbeat excursion into the moody inner life of an unusually talented lyricist. Track titles like ‘Gladly,’ ‘Guilty’ and ‘Reach’ reveal their emotional tone with a single word, while Micachu’s dilapidated beats underscore the brittle nature of desire and romance.

Fred Frith

One of the most inventive and eclectic figures in contemporary music, guitarist and composer Fred Frith makes a welcome return to Cologne to play WEEK-END Fest this year. To celebrate his 70th birthday in 2019 he hits the road this fall for his “Closer to the Ground“ tour – and maybe we can expect some special guests. Line-Up: Fred Frith/guitar, bass, voice, Jason Hoopes/bass, Jordan Glenn/drums
“Few contemporary musicians have explored as many different – and frequently overlapping – genres as Fred Frith: traditional folk, indie rock, free improv, chamber composition, po-mo retro, graphic scores, and several…that may not have a name yet.” – Art Lange, Point of Departure


The debut full- length album from Lafawndah, ANCESTOR BOY and the single DADDY is plotting new territory onto her own highly personalized map of influence – a map drawing the club, composition, and pop into thrillingly unresolved, ultramodern erotics.
Lafawndah’s 2018 was filled with myriad musical highlights and successes - including a celebrated performance featuring peers Tirzah, Kelsey Lu and more at London’s South Bank in December, growing from her acclaimed HONEY COLONY mixtapes. Meanwhile her heart-stopping inter-generational music & film collaboration with japanese ambient legend Midori Takada in Le Renard Bleu (with KENZO and Partel Oliva) continues to echo into new forms, with a full production performance titled ‘Ceremonial Blue’ premiering at the Barbican, London in April. And streaming now, her achingly beautiful self-directed video for JOSEPH - a lullaby and an ode to newborn life co-written with Jamie Woon and also featuring on ANCESTOR BOY - has set Lafawndah apart as an independent director with a singular vision spanning multiple media and artforms. The album´s maximalism- it’s overflow of detail, of feeling, of ideas- serves to amplify a frequent lyrical motif: the sensation that one body, one lifetime, isn’t big enough for what you’re feeling. The record is pregnant with memories shared across more than one mind, recalling the storytelling antagonisms of Nina Simone at her most strident and unpredictable. In response, the rhythmic aggressions of her music have grown even more determined and psychedelic, drawing a line in fire between Jimmy Jam’s turnt industrialism on Control and the furious unease of Red Mecca- era Cabaret Voltaire. With a palate equal parts chrome and dirt, ice and depth, Lafawndah’s finesse with song architecture imbues the LP with an uncanny addictiveness: anthems loaded with trap doors.

Emerson Kitamura & mmm

After 4 years of collaborating, dub-keyboardist Emerson Kitamura and baroque pop singer mmm finds their rhythm and voice that leaves a tasteful afterglow. Emerson Kitamura and mmm (pronounced me-my-mo) began their collaboration in 2016. In 2018, Emerson Kitamura’s 12-inch vinyl “The Countryside is Great EP” was released from EM records as a playful spin-off supporting a Japanese film “Bangkok Nights.” The A-side was covers of Thai pop songs filtered through Kitamura’s interpretation, and on the B-side was his yet another clever cover of the Tomatos’ version of 70’s disco tune, “Rock Your Baby” featuring mmm on vocals. Though being a B-side track, inquiries about this track and the singer began flowing in, including from UK label Balearic which compiled the song in their compilation album Balearic 4.





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